Do mountains matter in digital sovereignty?

So, why does this matter?

When we discuss digital sovereignty then we should be talking about where our borders are on those maps i.e. what are the bits we wish to protect for our collective, our behaviours and our values?

Addendum — 17/11/21

Q1. How can we influence values?
There are many ways to do this, far too many to be described in a post on digital sovereignty. A simple example would be to look at power relationships — power with, power over, power to. You can alter the balance between these power structures by altering values in the collective which in turn can be nudged through art (i.e. the memory of the organisation such as its symbols, rituals and heroes). This has been done through systems like Hollywood but more recently through interactive video games which vary from Hezbollah’s video game “special forces” to Sugargamers project Violacea

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