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  • Nima


  • Nick Markwith

    Nick Markwith

    Virtualization, cloud & data center community manager w/ @BrightTALK. All opinions are my own.

  • Gustavo Bastos

    Gustavo Bastos

  • Nandini Ramani

    Nandini Ramani

    VP of Engineering @Twitter

  • Jules Slush

    Jules Slush

  • bill automata

    bill automata

    design team lead for

  • vin sharma

    vin sharma

    autodidact, bibliophile, open source wonk, complex systems geek; building an AI platform at Intel; stories are my own.

  • govind sai

    govind sai

    I am a student of medical science. I am interested in blogging, freelancing, digital marketing

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