A fair point. The maps I use have components that represent stocks of capital (physical, process, financial, data, knowledge) and flows between them (the lines) along with an anchor (user need), position (relative to anchor) and movement. Political capital is just another form of capital (as per social) and can be mapped in a systematic manner. But the systems diagram given has no anchor, no position and no movement. We can infer some form of meaning to where a component is placed but that invokes some form of hidden anchor and position which we’re not describing. I don’t have to explicitly add the compass in the “road maps” as people can infer that up is north. The compass would still be there but our familiarity with such maps enable us to skip adding it.

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I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice. RT is not an endorsement but a sign that I find a particular subject worthy of challenge and discussion.

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